Become a professional masseur

If you are looking for to be a masseur, you’ll need to get a massage training course. You need to know to help a person because as much as a massage can be helpful, it can also easily become harmful.

Training courses can be found all over the internet. If you want to get a license, and your field of interest is a Holistic massage, then the Massage Training Institute is a perfect place for you.

There are also ways for someone to learn how to be a masseur for free. The founding President of International Massage Association, Will Green, is letting you study his 17 video courses on how to be a perfect masseur.

Training courses are expensive, but of course, it all depends on which type of a massage you are interested in. For example, the training for a Swedish massage course can cost up to 1500 pounds.

There are many types of massage, but sports massage is the most common one. Sports Therapy UK can give you a certificate or diploma in sports massage. If you are interested in this, you must have completed level 3 VTCT in soft tissue massage.

Awarding World Class Qualification (VTCT) can give you more information on levels you can reach by getting a training course.

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